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SaferWorldbyDesign Internship

This internship program is organised by Edelweiss Connect, GmbH, and SaferWorldbyDesign partners. Internships will run for six months with an emphasis on virtual work. Opportunities to visit and be hosted by SaferWorldbyDesign partners will also be considered.

How to Foster ‘New Approach Methodology’ Toxicologists

The need to reduce, refine and replace animal experimentation has led to a boom in the establishment of new approach methodologies (NAMs). This promising trend brings the hope that the replacement of animals by using NAMs will become increasingly accepted by regulators, included in legislation, and consequently more often implemented by industry.

Data analysis and visualization

Reliable analysis and consumption of data should be based on a foundation of sound data preparation, well-prepared metadata, data processing protocols, and reliable exposure of data through interfaces to end-user applications for data analysis, risk, and safety assessment.

Case Studies in Skin Sensitization Assessment using OECD Guidance

Skin sensitization assessments for chemicals, cosmetics, and many pharmaceuticals are required by regulatory bodies for hazard assessment and approval. In June 2021, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) published the new guideline (TG 497) for skin sensitization.

JRC Data Visualization: Extrapolating from acute to chronic toxicity in vitro

An important question that was addressed within the EU-ToxRisk project relates to the extrapolation from acute to chronic effects of toxicants.

Why choose the HepaRG™ cell model for NAFLD investigation?

Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), the most common cause of chronic liver disease worldwide, is rapidly becoming the predominant cause of end-stage liver disease and a leading indication for liver transplantation.

SaferWorldbyDesign: Trusted reproducible evidence supporting data-driven decisions

This blog post presents a collection of perspectives that elaborate our vision of reliable and reproducible science supporting product and risk assessment as presented by us this year at the Precision Health conference co-organized by MCBIOS and MAQC.

Evaluating the skin sensitisation potential of a squaric acid

The SaferSkin™ Sensitization application implements three well-adopted defined approaches to perform an integrated analysis of the OECD-approved in vitro tests (DPRA, KeratinoSens™, h-CLAT) for assessment of skin sensitisation potential.

OECD acceptance of Test Guideline 497 (TG 497)

The recent OECD acceptance of TG 497 for defined approaches for skin sensitization marks an important milestone.

Provision of HepaRG™ on SaferWorldbyDesign

HepaRG™ has been manufactured and distributed for many years by Biopredic International, now part of Wepredic. We realized in recent years the increasing need for the development of HepaRG™ infrastructure and services to keep up with the increasing requirements of the HepaRG™ research community and requests from our customers.

Dynamic gene expression profiling of the HepaRG™ cell line

A better molecular characterization of a cell line is a prerequisite for well-planned, educated, and targeted experimentation.

Working as a Community on Data Integrity from Research through to Practice

An important commitment we are making is to ensure data integrity across the journey from research to practice, from case study work to service execution, from study planning through data generation to downstream consumption.

High-throughput prediction of human organ toxicity

This innovative method (Su et al. 2016) was awarded with the Lush Science Price 2016 and combines cell-based assays with bioinformatics. The method predicts specifically toxicity to renal proximal tubular cells, which are one of the main targets for chemical-induced toxicity in the kidney.

HepaRG™ ability to predict drug-cholestatic liability

Drug-induced liver injury (DILI) accounts for more than 50% of acute liver failure and constitutes therefore a major concern for the pharmaceutical industry in drug pre-and post-marketing scenarios.

HepaRG™ goes digital

For many years HepaRG™ has provided a valuable liver cell line for research applications.

SaferWorldbyDesign COVID-19 Data Initiative

Data is the gold of scientific prospecting, whether supporting research publications in academia or product development in industry.

Launch of the EU-ToxRisk Commercial Platform

The EU-ToxRisk Commercialisation Platform was launched at the EU-ToxRisk Stakeholder meeting in Egmond, the Netherlands on 12 February.

Integrated Approaches to solving Skin Safety Assessment problems

Skin safety is one of the most important goals of the consumer products industry.

SBX’s Taxila™ adds more power to SaferWorldbyDesign

Taxila™ is a platform that aggregates the tons of data produced every day in natural text and converts it to actionable insights.

Improved skin sensitisation safety assessment

Swiss firm TEMAS believes that progress only happens when people work together in networks, crossing the boundaries of specialist fields.

Why Biopredic and Eurosafe join SaferWorldbyDesign

Dr. Christophe Chesné, the founder and CEO of Biopredic International and Eurosafe, explains why his two companies are founding partners of SaferWorldbyDesign.

Making AI available to companies, large and small

Co-founder and CEO Tom Bell explains why Vertex Laboratories is a founding member of SaferWorldbyDesign.


SaferWorldbyDesign integrates in silico and in vitro methods to develop standard and premium Integrated Approaches to Testing and Assessment (IATAs), including methods that support ingredient and formulation screening and testing, product design and the preparation of Regulatory Dossiers.


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