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Providers EdelweissData

Hello EdelweissData™. Goodbye copy-paste!

EdelweissData™ is an exciting software solution that offers scientists seamless sharing of data and metadata.

Providers Taxila

Taxila by SBX Corporation

One of the key platforms in the SBX portfolio is Taxila™ which provides a text analytics and intelligence solution to obtain contextual insights from text.

Providers Vertex Labs

AI and solutions provider

Vertex Labs is a US custom Artificial Intelligence and solutions provider. The Vertex team’s expertise in the areas of Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Automation and Data Science allow them to provide custom Artificial Intelligence solutions for clients, as opposed to off-the-shelf solutions.

Sample SciveraLENS


SciveraLENS® use the platform for a wide range of safer and sustainable chemistry activities. Simple look-up of a chemical of interest by CAS Registry Number delivers instant results against over 400 regulatory, authoritative, and industry restricted substance lists (RSLs).


Maieutix, based in Basel, Switzerland, is a consulting company specialized in Computational Biology and Molecular Dynamics Simulation services. They provide in silico lab-free solutions for the screening and identification of molecules with pharmaceutical interest and support researchers and drug makers in their drug discovery journey.