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Providers KREATiS


KREATiS is an in silico research and development company specialising in predictions (High-Accuracy QSARs) of physico-chemical, toxicological and ecotoxicological properties and has created its own brand, "iSafeRat®", which includes a SAR for Mechanisms of toxic Action (MechoA).


Instituto Mario Negri

VEGA models

The Institute is in the lead of computational predictive toxicology, and other innovative laboratory tests have also been developed.



Zebrafish model

Biobide is a leading worldwide Contract Research Organization with headquarters in Spain and a commercial office in USA. We are specialized in Zebrafish and aquatic toxicological services working under a GLP and an automation environment.

BioDetection Systems


Innovative bioassays

BioDetection Systems b.v. (BDS) is a Dutch company providing bio-based screening technologies for safety, quality and bioactivity assessment. These services are available through our own laboratories, but may also be performed under license.

MultiCASE, Inc.

MultiCASE, Inc.

Computational toxicity predictions

For 25 years, MultiCASE has developed cheminformatic tools for assessing toxicological and pharmacological potential of chemicals and pharmaceuticals. The company creates commercially viable products through the development of innovative (Q)SAR methodologies and software solutions.