HepaRG™ is a well established hepatic cell system. It is truly unique in its ability  to produce early hepatic progenitor cells as well as completely mature human hepatocytes.

The HepaRG™ cell line

HepaRG™ is an immortal cell line with 4 main features:

  • Full array of functions, responses, and regulatory pathways of primary human hepatocytes including the biotransformation enzymes
  • Forms functional bile canaliculi
  • Has the potential to express major properties of stem cells
  • High plasticity & complete transdifferentiation
Available products

HepaRG™ cells are more economical, convenient, and predictable than fresh or cryopreserved primary human hepatocytes. They are available either under their stem cell status and good to be expanded and differentiated in-house, or as cryopreserved, fully differentiated and ready-to-use hepatic cells.

Tutorials and support

Learn how to seed the HepaRG™ cells and utilize them in different applications. Whether you are a beginner just starting or an experienced researcher you can learn some tips and tricks and have the right answer to your questions.

Start using the cell line

You can order the HepaRG™ cells, media and supplements online. Our experts can offer advice on the appropriate products for your applications.