Available products

HepaRG™ cells

The cells can be purchased as fully differentiated cells or undifferentiated growth-stage cells.

Fully differentiated cells

Fully differentiated cells have characteristics closely related to those of primary hepatocytes. Advantages:

  • Ready and easy to use model;
  • No qualitative and quantitative variability;
  • High benefits for high-volume labs by reducing the time and effort needed to perform an assay;
  • Suitable for high-throughput applications;
  • Each lot has consistent yield, viability, and functionality across multiple applications;
  • Lower cost than primary human hepatocytes;
  • No need for use of specialized equipment;
  • More economical, convenient, and predictable than fresh or cryopreserved primary human hepatocytes.

Undifferentiated growth-stage cells

Undifferentiated growth-stage cells can be grown in-house to build stock populations and then frozen or further differentiated following the recommended procedures. Advantages:

  • Possibility for modifications such as transfections, gene editing, etc;
  • A dividing population of cells, which is highly needed for some applications (e.g., Micronucleus test);
  • Karyotypic stability: can be grown and split up till eight times when done according to the recommended protocols and medium supplements;
  • Larger flexibility on cell amounts needed to an application;
  • In the growth state tolerate infection by certain viruses which rarely enter differentiated, adult hepatocytes.

HPR101 - Undifferentiated HepaRG™ cells

HPR101: the HepaRG™ cell line itself, with the right to passage. Catalog number HPR101 corresponds to cryopreserved undifferentiated HepaRG™ cells at passage P12.

HPR116 - Differentiated HepaRG™ cells

HepaRG™ cells, catalog number HPR116 are cryopreserved after differentiation using a proprietary process developed by Biopredic International. A few days after thaw and culture, the cells will form a coculture of hepatocytes and of biliary epithelial-like cells.

HPR116NS - Differentiated HepaRG™ No-Spin cells

HepaRG™ cells, HPR116NS is a new format of the HPR116 with a freezing process that allows direct thawing and seeding of cryopreserved differentiated cells without the need for post-thaw washing, centrifugation and counting steps. A few days after thaw and culture, the cells will form a coculture of hepatocytes and of biliary epithelial-like cells.

Media, supplements and plates

The HepaRG™ cells are plastic in nature and are amenable to many sorts of phenotypes. We recommend using our media with very carefully selected ingredients. Our media will ensure that the HepaRG™ will perform at best with good mature adult hepatocytes as an outcome.

Our media rely on additives (called ADDs) adapted to the phase of the HepaRG™ cell culture and to the usage of the cells. Those ADDs are stored frozen and added to a basal culture medium.