HepG2 BAC-GFP platform

HepG2 BAC-GFP platform - a high throughput and high content screening platform that:

  • Provides a better prediction in toxicity testing.
  • Provides dynamic (time and spatial) information on chemical stress pathway induction.
  • Provides mechanistic information on intracellular perturbations upon chemical exposure.
  • Provides an in vitro alternative to animal chemical safety tests.
  • Provides an alternative to low throughput and/or low content in vitro toxicity evaluation assays.

The basis of the HepG2 BAC-GFP technology is a panel of human reporter cell lines in which we have targeted biomarkers of cell stress response signal transduction pathways with a fluorescent tag. This platform enables us to dynamically observe activation of these stress pathways (upon chemical exposure) over time. The unique aspect of this platform is that we capture key events of toxicity pathways at a physiological relevant level in single cells. This is feasible through the integration of the reporter cell lines with automated image acquisition and image processing.

HepG2 BAC-GFP platform
An overview of the tagged biomarkers and the associated stress pathways, which are covered by HepG2 BAC-GFP platform.