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Workflow Example – SaferSkin (OECD TG 497) Decision tree to be used for the 2o3 DA, taking into account borderline results

OECD TG 497 (2o3) Workflow coordinated across SaferSkin Providers.

Note: Borderline results are determined based on workflows given in Annex 1.

* The use of information elements is dictated by the limitations as found in the respective test guidelines (TG 442C, Appendix 1; TG 442D, Appendix 1A; TG 442E, Annex 1).

For example, in case a negative h-CLAT result is obtained for a chemical with Log P > 3.5 (according to the limitation described in TG 442E (4)), a 2o3 DA prediction can only be made if the outcomes of the other two test methods composing the 2o3 DA are concordant and are non-borderline.