Acute Toxicity to Fish

Product category: In silico Services
Product code: KRE-AFT

Acute Fish Test 96h LC50 prediction (OECD 203; 236)

Currently, the ecotoxicity module of the iSafeRat® HA-QSAR models can reliably predict the acute toxicity to fish for chemicals with the following mechanisms of action of toxicity (MechoA):

  • non-polar narcosis (MechoA 1.1)
  • polar narcosis of alkyl-/alkoxy-phenols (MechoA 1.2) 
  • polar narcosis of aliphatic amines (MechoA 1.2 & 5.2)
  • mono-/poly-esters whose hydrolysis products are narcotics (MechoA 2.1) 
  • hard electrophile reactivity (MechoA 3.1)
  • RedOx cycling of primary thiols (MechoA 4.4)
  • proton release of carboxylic acids (MechoA 5.2)
  • with log KOW between 0 and ca. 5 (and possibly higher), i.e. the point at which acute toxicity is no longer found below the limit of solubility

The price includes full regulatory documentation acceptable for submission to Competent Authorities which will be created and verified internally by our experts prior to delivery (QMRF and QPRF) and a full explanatory study report.

Vendor: KREATiS

1500.00 EUR

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