Undifferentiated HepaRG™ cells

HepaRG® cells have the unique properties of maintaining significant levels of hepatocyte functions, of being CYP450 inducible and supporting the complete replicative cycle of HBV. Catalog numbers HPR101 and HPR109 corresponds to a frozen vial of undifferentiated HepaRG® cells at passages P12 and P17. Available only after a license agreement made with Biopredic International (for profit customers) or under an MTA (for nonprofit customers who are not funded neither in full nor in part by a profit organization) made with Biopredic International.
Gripon P. et al. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. 99, 15655-15660, 2002.

HepaRG™ is a patented cell line (PCT/FR02/02391 of July 8, 2002) licensed to the company BIOPREDIC. For the benefit of the scientific community, the HepaRG™ cell line is available to academic researchers performing research projects not funded by the industry. Access is granted under a MTA that is standard and non-negotiable due to the specific context of patent protection and rights granted to BIOPREDIC. BIOPREDIC will manage the shipment of cells to the recipient and charge a minimal cost recovery fee to compensate for the preparation/shipment costs.

Instructions to receive the HepaRG™ cell line (please note that this must be completed before an order can be initiated) 

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