Sensitization Evaluation - h-CLAT

Product category: Regulatory toxicology
Product code: h-CLAT

Sensitization Evaluation - human Cell Line Activation Test (h-CLAT)

Evaluation of the skin sensitizing potential of a substance carried out on the THP cell line following OECD 442E

The human Cell Line Activation Test (h-CLAT) is a sensitization test performed on the THP1 cell line as a surrogate of the dendritic cells residing in the epidermis. 

That assay is performed since 2012 at Eurosafe. 

The readout is the expression of two cell surface markers, CD54 and CD86, involved in the activation process of dendritic cells. 

The test is part of the test guideline OECD 442E and one of the assays recommended in the tier strategy described in the test guideline 442E. 

The assay documents the Key Event number 3 in the AOP covering the skin sensitization. 

The results give rise to a hazard classification skin sensitizer with no potency information.

Assay completed in: 6 weeks.

Vendor: Eurosafe

3650.00 EUR

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