Why choose the HepaRG™ cell model for NAFLD investigation?

Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), the most common cause of chronic liver disease worldwide, is rapidly becoming the predominant cause of end-stage liver disease and a leading indication for liver transplantation.

HepaRG cell-based system is your top choice for steatosis studies. Among the few in vitro models proposed to mimic steatosis and its progression, the HepaRG cell model has been a suitable and robust model for steatosis induction and anti-steatotic drug screening.

Compared to other in vitro models, HepaRG™ cells show in response to free fatty acids supplements:

  • A higher lipid intracellular accumulation and ROS expression
  • Higher levels of secreted pro-inflammatory cytokines
  • Greater sensitivity to drug-induced steatosis

Not enough to shift toward HepaRG-cell-based systems? Find more good reasons to start your steatosis study on the HepaRG™ cell line on the SaferWorldbyDesign platform.