Under SaferLiver we provide products, services and applications for the evaluation of hepatotoxicity.


Human skin samples, offered in our shop, are collected from patients who have undergone cosmetic surgery. We also offer additional services.

Endocrine Disruption

Endocrine disruption has been recognized as a priority endpoint in safety evaluation of chemicals and consumer products.


The use of human pluripotent stem cells offers the opportunity to investigate the potential effects of xenobiotics on the nervous central system during the early stage of development of embryos or in later life stages.


Nephrotoxicity assessment and mechanistic toxicology

Risk Assessment

During the research phase of new products, the identification of possible concerns can help in saving resources. Our approach is also very useful in the identification of the best substance among a list of candidates.

Data Services

As an integrated service provider and marketplace, we offer all our customers significant added value in data and modelling services.