COVID-19 Data


Our SaferWorldbyDesign COVID-19 Data mission is to support the preparation of reliable and high quality COVID-19 data resources.

The problem we want to solve is that COVID-19 data is often not published or shared in a quality manner. Hence it can be unreliable, cannot be integrated or reused.

We support the community in preparing and sharing their COVID-19 data well!


  • If you have datasets to prepare for use, our tools will enable you in the uploading and preparation of your data. Our team will support you in getting the data to the end goal you seek!
  • If you are a programmer, please use our resources and technical documentation to progress your application goal. We will be happy to try to answer any questions.

We have launched a public version of our EdelweissData™ platform. After registering for this service you will be able to publish and share your data with proper versioning, rich metadata support and a powerful REST API.