Use case #1Managing Project Data

How to integrate and harmonise project-driven data involving multiple users presenting data in completely different - especially when everyone involved likes their own format.

The context

EU-ToxRisk, a large, multi-partner, collaborative research project involving input from ca. 20 different laboratories spread across multiple locations and representing academia, regulatory authorities and numerous interested, but different, industries.

The challenge

Input data coming from all the labs, using widely different assays, protocols, programs and file formats, needed to be centralised and integrated in order to be assessed in currently 10 different case studies by teams composed of experimentalists, computational experts and 5 risk assessors. A comprehensive, flexible data management environment was required to collect, analyse, visualise, share and store this data and metadata.

The solution

EdelweissData™ is now in daily use as the proven solution to the challenges of the complex EU-ToxRisk project, providing data management infrastruc­ture to diverse virtual teams.

After indexing the data in EdelweissData, the APIs can be used to 1) show datasets from all partners relevant for a specific case study and 2) generate automatic workflows for further processing and analysis, e.g. the calculation of benchmark doses.