Barry Hardy


Barry Hardy, CEO at Edelweiss Connect

Dr. Barry Hardy is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Edelweiss Connect where he is leading its team supporting the development of new integrating solutions in industrial product design and safety assessment and the translation of research methods to industrial practice. Examples of recent commercial developments include the creation of the SaferWorldbyDesign platform (, and the development of the SaferSkin ( and EdelweissData products ( He is currently leading the development of risk assessment knowledge infrastructure and solutions, including new approach methods, SaferbyDesign, sustainability, and next-generation risk assessment solutions (

Next Gen Basel 1

Our goals within SaferWorldbyDesign are to develop and provide solutions and practical applications of new approach methods in product design and risk assessment. Such a vision is enabled by a multi-stakeholder approach sharing knowledge and best practices supporting solution development and case study evaluation. Within this NextGen Basel 1 symposium, we have aimed to bring different stakeholders together to support collaboration developing innovation and application opportunities that will enable driving the acceptance of new approach methods forward. Our goals include reduction and replacement of animal testing, structured evidence-based risk assessment, and safer by design applied to products, environmental protection, and sustainability. During this meeting and related interactions, we will discuss existing and potential case study work promoting the use of methods and data providing a sufficient quality of evidence for decision-making for well-formulated problems. We also aim to promote the industrial and regulatory acceptance of new forms of scientific evidence in product design and safety assessment.