Toxicology Excellence for Risk Assessment (TERA)

Toxicology Excellence for Risk Assessment (TERA) Environmental science NGO

Solving risk assessment issues 

TERA is an environmental science NGO that builds collaborations among groups to solve risk assessment issues for various chemicals and has an active public outreach

TERA's mission is to support the protection of public health by developing environmental and public health research, review, and communication toxicology and risk assessment values and analyses; improving risk methods through applied research; and, educating risk assessors, and the public on environmental and public health issues, toxicology and risk assessment issues.  TERA solves human health risk challenges for diverse government and private sponsors through research and collaboration that emphasizes partnership building across scientific expertise and multiple perspectives to ensure the use of the best science. A world leader in independent scientific peer review, TERA provides in-person panel meetings, letter reviews, webcasts and webinars, in-house technical reviews, and workshops. 

Independence from all parties and groups is essential in order for our scientific and results to be seen as credible by all parties.  TERA has instituted policies and procedures, and maintains a corporate environment that ensures that all of our research and work efforts are conducted in a manner that maintains our independence.  We conduct all our research and development work in a scientifically objective fashion with our results reflecting our best critical analysis and objective evaluation of the scientific information.  We are continuously vigilant to make sure that we remain open to new ideas, but we are not swayed or influenced by our funding sponsors, or any other party, in reaching our conclusions or communicating our results.

TERA Assessment & Risk Technology

TERA scientists combine a practitioner's knowledge of the issues and pitfalls involved in the research and development of human health risk assessments, together with cutting-edge toxicology expertise and research to develop state-of-the-science assessments. Our research, aimed at improving risk assessment methods particularly in the areas of dose-response and mode of action, further enhances our analyses. In solving risk problems for a diverse array of government and private sponsors, we apply a collaborative philosophy that emphasizes partnership building, allowing us to expand our pool of expertise, build on multiple perspectives, and ensure the use of the best science in applied research. These strengths form the basis for our research and development of independent and science-driven analyses for a range of environmental and public health risk assessment needs. Our technical support areas include:

  • Risk research and methods and framework development in dose-response modeling, mixtures risk issues, mode of action evaluation techniques, and special issues such as children's risk.
  • Screening-level assessments and hazard and risk ranking
  • Dossiers and Risk Assessments for HPV and REACH
  • Occupational risk assessments, including OEL development
  • Comprehensive in-depth evaluations for RfD/RfC derivation and cancer risk.

TERA Peer Review & Consultation

Engaging outside experts to review risk assessments and methods can help insure high quality and scientifically-defensible work products and results. Government agencies, NGOs and industry recognize the value added by expert peer review and TERA is a world leader in providing independent expert review for all types of risk assessment documents and activities. TERA provides a variety of opportunities and services to engage expert peers, including in-person panel meetings, webcasts, and webinars; letter reviews; workshops to develop risk values or methods; and in-house technical reviews. 

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