Training sessions take place in Biopredic International's premises in Saint Gregoire, near Rennes in France. But the training can also be provided as personalised on-site sessions, with our specialist visiting you.

The planned training that the companies offer can be customized according to the specific customer’s needs and can be skewed towards either in vitro cell system training or in silico services, data analysis and management.

HepaRG™ focused training

This training offers a theoretical knowledge on the HepaRG™ model combined with hands-on experience and supplemented with data analysis and management. The aim of the workshop is to provide a solid introduction to use, possible application of liver-based in vitro models in combination with the newest approaches towards data annotation, handling and storage.

Target audience:
People who are working with in vitro cultures and would like to find new models, application and approaches to data handling, re-use and integration.

Data management, organization and analysis

Bringing in silico and in vitro protocols together with best cell culture practices and harmonised data management provides a sound foundation for a reproducible evidence-based science for animal-free testing of liver toxicity. This training will offer solutions on how to integrate and harmonise project-driven data involving multiple users presenting data in different ways.

Target audience:
People responsible for data collection, storage, analysis and interpretation.


Heparg tutorial - seeding

This webinar training series was jointly run and organized by Lebanese University- Faculty of Sciences, School of Life Sciences, University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland, Biopredic International and Edelweiss Connect GmbH.

The talks emphasised on the in vitro and non- animal testing approaches which are being growing to be used in the field of toxicology and risk assessments.

The training covered the microtissue generation and application of the 3D HepaRG models, introduction to the human hepatic cell line, primary methods of 2D-monocultures of HepaRG cell model and integrative methods of data management, analysis and visualisation.

The main objective of the series is to introduce the concept of alternative approaches against animal test methods (new approach methodologies) which can be used for safe chemical and drug testing and assessment.


Trainings are organised by WePredic and Edelweiss Connect. Both companies are leading experts in their own field, with joint experience in supporting customers throughout the process of drug or cosmetic development, pesticide clearance, chemical assessment and regulatory challenges.


WePredic is a french-based umbrella organization of 4 companies, namely BioPredic, Eurosafe, Starlight and Biopredic Advancells targeting to cover the entire spectrum of in vitro experimentation, starting from production of human cell systems, through synthesis of chemicals for supporting image analysis of key proteins and finalizing with offering CRO-like services and operations. The most famous branch is the BioPredic entity, which is the exclusive worldwide license-owner of HepaRG™, the human hepatic stem cell line patented by the INSERM.

Edelweiss Connect

Edelweiss Connect is a Swiss SME located in Basel, specialised in developing and implementing R&D projects, communities and collaboration to transfer solutions for industrial use and advance regulatory acceptance. EwC has experience in scientific research integrating data, in silico and in vitro methods and related infrastructure, and has been involved in organising scientific, communication and knowledge management and solutions development projects since 2008.