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SaferSkin™ skin sensitization app

What is SaferSkin™ skin sensitization app?

  • Web application used for predicting ingredient’s potential to cause skin sensitisation, without animal testing.
  • The application applying integrated strategies of safety assessment to skin sensitisation.
  • Combines the top three approaches for accurate predictions of skin sensitisation.
  • Applies state-of-the-art science to workflows over the entire discovery and development funnel, to regulatory acceptance and registration.

The app can be used for:

  • Hazard identification, classification, and labeling under the Globally Harmonised System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS) scheme (UN 2013).
  • Quantitative risk assessment (QRA) especially when combined with in vivo evidence on analogs.
  • Development of an efficient testing strategy, as a decision strategy tool.

Saferskin screenshot 4

Main features

  • Comparison of 3 approaches: Bayesian Network, ‘2 out of 3 weight of evidence’, multiple regression
  • Category prediction with confidence levels
  • Simple to use interface
  • Single compound input submission - entered as SMILES or drawn
  • Physical properties calculated
  • LLNA pEC3 & EC3 values from 50-90th percentile confidence

The application

Start using the application.


We offer three different license options.


Tutorials on application use and reports.


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