SaferSkin™ Formulation Testing

Business Case

  • Strong business cases supporting value gains for data-driven decisions supported by weight of evidence
  • Evaluation of uncertainty in current assessment based on Bayesian Network and AI methods
  • Business Case workflow for use of New Approach Methods (NAMs), Integrated Approaches to Testing and Assessment (IATAs) and Read Across to reduce uncertainties in recommended safe level of use of ingredients in formulation
  • Integrated Testing of key ingredients and formulations available in workflows orchestrating remote testing and return of data, models and reports to system


  • Formulation testing for Skin Irritation and Tolerance
  • SENS-IS Assay Testing of Formulations
  • Experimental Design, Modelling and Data generation for assays
  • Bayesian Network analysis of Value of Information of in vitro and in silico evidence contributions to IATA for Formulation Ingredients and Formulations including Omics extensions such as from SENS-IS
  • Predictive modelling - building of models based on assay data including Omics and PCR data (e.g., using defined methods such as Bayesian Network, Regression, Voting, Decision Tree, Neural Net)

Consulting and Expert Support

  • Evaluation of mixture effects and formulations
  • Evaluation of natural products
  • Extension to complex materials – e.g., nanoforms and physical-chemical characterization
  • Expert experienced cross-disciplinary team (business, science and engineering) available for systems development, customization and project management and delivery
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