Measurement of viability after single application: MTT test Step 3 (Day 2)

Prediskin - Day 2A
  1. Remove the skin disks using forceps, exerting pressure to release the isopropyl alcohol as much as possible, then transfer the explants to a container reserved for biological waste.
  2. Homogenize the solutions, take 2 x 200µL per well then transfer them to a 96-well plate (s), additionally provide on one of the 2 * 200µL plates for the blanks
  3. Reading the optical density of the 96-well plate (s) at 590 nm against isopropyl alcohol blanks.
  4. For OD > 3.0, provide a 1/2 dilution in isopropyl alcohol and take a reading against new isopropyl alcohol blanks (2 * 200 * µL).
Prediskin - Day 2

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