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SaferWorldbyDesign Webinar: QSAR models for Endocrine Disruption

Tuesday, 1 August 2023 - 16:00 CET

In this session, we present an overview of the OECD Conceptual Framework (CF) for Testing and Assessment of Endocrine Disrupters, along with QSAR models designed to tackle challenges in assessing complex endpoints related to endocrine disruption potential. We also discuss a modeling methodology that focuses on maximizing the utilization of limited existing experimental data, incorporating various in vitro assays, and utilizing layered modeling techniques to leverage limited in vivo data associated with endocrine disruption. To showcase the utility of this approach, we will present case studies that offer valuable insights into the practical application of the models during the early hazard identification process. Join us to explore the OECD CF, QSAR models, and practical applications in assessing endocrine disruption potential.


Mounika Girireddy (Database Developer, MultiCASE Inc.)

Mounika Girireddy has contributed to the research and product development efforts within MultiCASE Inc. for 5 years. She holds a master’s degree in computer science from the University of Akron. Mounika’s primary role at MultiCASE involves database development and developing QSAR models. Within MultiCASE, Mounika has contributed to the development of several QSAR models related to various endpoints, including Endocrine, Carcinogenicity, Ecotoxicity, and others. Mounika has had the privilege of collaborating with the FDA CDER group through a research collaboration agreement. This collaboration has provided her with the opportunity to focus on the development of models specifically tailored to address critical aspects of drug evaluation and safety assessment, such as Cardiotoxicity and Hepatotoxicity. Recently, Mounika and her team members published an article focused on endocrine in vitro and in vivo assays.