SaferWorldbyDesign Webinars

SaferWorldbyDesign: Streamlining Regulatory Compliance for Cosmetics

Tuesday, 23 July 2024 - 16:00 CET

Managing safety data and adhering to regulatory requirements can be challenging in the cosmetics industry. With new regulations like the Modern Cosmetics Regulation Act (MoCRA), which grants the FDA enhanced oversight including mandatory recall authority, records access, and adverse event reporting, it has become more critical than ever to have safety data that is readily available. Risk assessment professionals in cosmetics must ensure that ingredients and formulations meet regulatory standards and do not pose risks to consumers. Reliable and organized data is essential for generating comprehensive risk assessment reports and maintaining compliance with evolving regulations. 

Join us for a discussion of these challenges and the introduction of the SmartSafety tool. SmartSafety is designed to assist in navigating the complexities of formulation management and cosmetic regulatory compliance. During the webinar, we will demonstrate how SmartSafety and other tools can help streamline regulatory workflows by automating data analysis, simplifying risk assessment tasks, and improving compliance documentation. 

We will also host a panel discussion with risk assessment experts who will share their thoughts and experiences on effectively managing data in today's fast-paced industry. Discover how better organization and utilization of data resources can help enhance cosmetics product development.

Our Expert Panel:

Ramez Labib (Venebio) 

Ramez is a results-oriented and diligent professional with strong background in toxicology and regulatory compliance with more than 20 years industry experience. He has a proven track record of leading and managing toxicology programs to ensure product safety and adherence to regulatory requirements. He has demonstrated his expertise in risk assessment and mitigation strategies, as well as conducting safety evaluations and hazard assessments. He has developed and implemented toxicology testing protocols and study designs as well as overseeing toxicology studies, interpreting and analyzing data, and providing actionable recommendations. He has strong skills in effectively communicating complex scientific information to diverse stakeholders.

Reena Sandhu (SafeDose)

I am a human health risk assessor. Over the last 15 years, I have set or reviewed limits for hundreds of chemicals. These include limits for chemicals in air, water, soil, food, non-food consumer products and pharmaceuticals. I have done this work for industry, government and government agencies and non-profits.

In 2014, I started SafeDose Ltd - a start-up company that aims to develop software tools for human health risk assessors. SafeDose was born out of many moments of asking "Wouldn't it be awesome if..." Questions such as: "Wouldn't it be awesome if I didn't continually have to look up numbers in look-up tables or do risk assessment math with calculators?" SafeDose has taken this list of what-ifs to design tools that will improve the transparency and repeatability of risk assessment and hopefully also help to make it more enjoyable.  

Barry Hardy (Edelweiss Connect)

Dr. Barry Hardy is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Edelweiss Connect where he is leading its team supporting the development of new integrating solutions in industrial product design and safety assessment and the translation of research methods to industrial practice. Example recent commercial developments include the creation of the SaferWorldbyDesign platform (, and the development of the SaferSkin ( and EdelweissData products ( He is currently leading the development of risk assessment knowledge infrastructure and solutions, including new approach methods, SaferbyDesign, sustainability and next generation risk assessment solutions (