SaferWorldbyDesign Partners

Edelweiss Connect, based in Basel, has built a reputation for specialised in silico R&D through its involvement in major research programs such as EUToxRisk, OpenRiskNet and ToxHQ. In 2018, the company set up a laboratory at its headquarters in Basel to offer in vitro support to its in silico solutions. Now, it has created Safer World by Design as an agile, integrating platform of business partners to translate knowledge into industrialised solutions.

Biopredic International is the exclusive worldwide licensor of HepaRG™, the human hepatic stem cell line patented by INSERM, and provider of primary hepatocyte cryopreservation and the isolation, production and distribution of fresh and frozen human and animal biological products, including tissues, primary cells, cell lines and reagents.

Eurosafe is a French Contract Research Organisation (CRO) with 25 years of experience supporting pharmaceutical, cosmetics (ingredients and finished products), food, chemical and medical device manufacturers. Eurosafe provides a GLP Laboratory and expertise in the 3 complementary areas of in vitro testing, tests on volunteers and toxicological/regulatory requirements. Eurosafe’s headquarters are in France.

SBX Corporation (SBX), head-quartered in Tokyo, Japan, provides solutions to complex socio-industrial problems in biology and beyond, using Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, Internet of Things/sensor network, and model-based simulation techniques. Through its proprietary platform technologies, SBX has a proven track record in the fields of drug discovery, healthcare and in areas beyond biology, including, but not limited to mobility, logistics, industry 4.0, and related issues that are critical to our society. One of the key platforms in the SBX portfolio is Taxila™ which provides a text analytics and intelligence solution to obtain contextual insights from text.

TEMAS is an experienced and proven Swiss technology consulting service that has, most recently, made a name for itself as a specialist and dependable partner for safety questions in the nanomaterial field. TEMAS approaches technological and business challenges by drawing on its large network of scientists and specialists. TEMAS are experts of the Swiss Association of Standardisation regarding nanotechnologies and medical devices. They are currently working on extending OECD test guidelines for skin sensitisation to nanoforms.

ToxPlanet, based in the US, offers the world’s largest database of its kind to enable chemical safety professionals to find the chemical literature they need quickly. Searching ToxPlanet is like searching 500-plus specialised websites at the same time - using a normalised index, with a single look and feel. ToxPlanet’s solutions deliver the relevant chemical hazard and toxicology literature users expect to find, while delighting them with the discovery of literature they did not know existed.

Vertex Labs is a US custom Artificial Intelligence and solutions provider. The Vertex team’s expertise in the areas of Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Automation and Data Science allow them to provide custom Artificial Intelligence solutions for clients, as opposed to off-the-shelf solutions. Vertex Labs applies solutions learned across multiple domains, transferring learning from one industry to the next. In addition to transfer learning, the team is proficient in working with all types and sizes of data. While many Deep Learning methods typically only work with large data sets, Vertex Labs is particularly skilled in successfully applying those same methods to small data sets.

Informatics Matters is based in Oxford, UK and are leaders in life science computing workflows, particularly in computational chemistry and cheminformatics. They provide software products and consultancy in these areas, specialising in deploying, managing and scaling chemistry-centric software solutions and databases.

SafeDose Ltd. is a Canadian human health risk assessment consultancy and software development company. We help our clients deliver risk assessments that inspire confidence. We know that doing a chemical safety assessment is complicated. It is easy to get lost in the maze of data, regulations and risk assessment methods. At SafeDose, we help our clients see their way through the maze. How you ask? By understanding our client’s current risk assessment processes and helping improve them. Our decades of risk assessment experience has taught us that better processes mean better risk assessments. We also help turn risk assessments into data by creating electronic risk assessment reporting templates. Imagine being able to create reports, connect, investigate, visualize and analyze your chemical data with a few clicks of your mouse.

The EU-ToxRisk Commercial Partnership is a joint venture between organisations providing coordinated integrated solutions to industrial problems in safety assessment. The partners bring experience and resources together to provide a one-stop shop in safety assessment solutions.We jointly have experience in New Approach Methodology in safety assessment, predictive toxicology, in vitro screening, computational modelling, toxicogenomics, read across, tiered strategies, data science, product design, risk assessment and regulatory assessment.