In silico Services

In Silico Modelling

Bayesian network

  • Our in silico modelling and in vitro testing workflows are anchored to key events of Adverse Outcome Pathways (AOPs)
  • We can apply a variety of algorithms and machine learning techniques to SaferSkin™ datasets supporting the building of reference and customised models
  • For skin sensitization we have reproduced the leading defined approaches developed and used at industry leaders such as P&G, BASF, Givaudan and Shiseido and including a well-documented and easy-to-use comparison of model results

AI / Machine Learning

  • We have leading expertise in developing and validating QSAR models
  • We apply our machine learning expertise to the development of models in SaferSkin™ applications including customised versions for customers
  • Our AI team has competency in extracting targeted knowledge from information collections (documents, abstracts etc.) and organising it as structured information e.g., available to applications from a customised EdelweissData™ instance

Data Management

  • Our EdelweissData™ approach to data management organises all data within our system using best data practices and standards
  • All metadata and data is harmonised and aims for completeness and integrity
  • Data processing workflows are organised as reproducible in silico protocols with instances stored within the system for future reference
  • All in silico and in vitro protocols are fully described and stored in the system
  • Secure customer data management solutions can be provided through premium customer accounts on a secure cloud