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Product category: Toxicology Services
Product code: BDS-EATS

BDS offers an extensive panel of high-throughput-compatible CALUX® reporter assays that enable effect identification and effect-based compound detection. In this context a full panel of EATS assays for endocrine disruption assessment of chemicals and chemical mixtures is available, using CALUX® and complementary technologies. Via our specialized service laboratory, we offer services according to strict quality standards and when required for regulatory compliance also according to OECD guidelines. 

In the EDC area we offer a full panel, or individual tests. Metabolic steps can be included, all according to the client’s requirements:

  • Full EATS panel
  • (Anti) Estrogens (E): ERalpha CALUX (OECD TG 455)
  • (Anti) Androgens (A): AR CALUX (ECVAM validation, OECD TG 458)
  • Thyroid interference (T): (Anti)TRbeta CALUX, TTR and TPO assay (TG in preparation)
  • H295R steroidogenesis (S): (OECD 456)
  • Phase 1 and Phase 2 metabolic steps

Vendor: BioDetection Systems BV (BDS)



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