General Toxicity Assays: Acute Toxicity Assay

Product category: Toxicology Services
Product code: BBD-GTA-AT

Acutox Assay

This assay may be used as a general toxicity assay or as an environmental toxicity test. Following the OECD 236 Guideline (Fish Embryo Acute Toxicity Test or FET Guideline), a convenient, rapid and inexpensive acute toxicity test has been set up. Wild Type embryos at 2-4 hours post-fertilization stage (hpf) are incubated with 5 concentrations of the test chemical spaced by a constant factor not exceeding 3. Retinoic acid is used as the positive control.

During 96 hours of treatment, embryos are monitored and toxicity induction is measured as presence of any of the 4 main parameters described by the FET Guideline. Subsequently, significant effects images and a concentration-effect curve are given.

Vendor: Biobide


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