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Product code: GARDskin

GARD®skin, OECD TG 442E:  in vitro skin sensitization

GARDskin is a robust in vitro test to identify potential chemical skin sensitizers with broad applicability and over 90% prediction accuracy. The test provides a binary prediction, classifying the test samples into either a skin sensitizers or non-sensitizer.

Approved by OECD for regulatory testing

As a new method included in OECD TG 442E for in vitro skin sensitization, GARDskin supports discrimination of skin sensitizers and non-sensitizers in accordance with the UN GHS.

Your stand-alone test for product development

With demonstrated high performance and broad applicability, GARDskin is appreciated across industries as stand-alone product development in vitro tool for skin sensitization hazard assessment.

Based on your needs within in vitro skin sensitization, GARDskin Dose-Response is available as a test option for quantitative potency assessment.

GARDskin uses SenzaCells, a human dendritic-like cell line that mimics a critical part of the human immune system and is able to recognize allergens. In each test case, SenzaCells are exposed to the test sample after which genomic biomarker signature is measured. The gene expression pattern of the exposed cells is then compared to existing patterns induced by well-known chemicals and analysed by pattern recognition and machine-learning technology. As a result, the test sample is classified as a sensitizer or non-sensitizer. 

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