Under SaferLiver we provide products, services and applications for the evaluation of hepatotoxicity.


HepaRG™ is a well-established hepatic cell system. It is truly unique in its ability to produce early hepatic progenitor cells as well as completely mature human hepatocytes. They are economical, convenient, and available either under their stem cell status and good to be expanded and differentiated in-house, or as cryopreserved, fully differentiated and ready-to-use hepatic cells. HepaRG™ applications include in vitro ADME testing, inhibition assays, drug metabolism and clearance, cholestasis, virology (HBV, HCV) and viral infection.

3D InSight™ Human Liver Microtissues

3D InSight™ Human Liver Microtissues are prequalified, long-lived liver models designed for drug safety and efficacy testing, and the study of healthy and diseased liver function. Composed of the primary human liver cells necessary for core liver functions, these microtissues are delivered assay-ready, in a lab-automation-friendly plate format ideal for screening.


HepG2 BAC-GFP platform - a high throughput and high content screening platform.

HepG2 BAC-GFP platform

An overview of the tagged biomarkers and the associated stress pathways, which are covered by HepG2 BAC-GFP platform.

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