Is my compound a skin sensitiser?
SaferSkin™ is an easy-to-use application which helps you determine - with confidence - the level of skin sensitisation potency of a substance.
  • No animal testing required
  • Combines and compares the widely accepted models
  • Predicts skin sensitisation hazard and potency
  • Interprets the results
Weight of evidence approach - SaferSkin™ brings together validated in vitro key event assays, physical-chemical properties and in silico models.
Based on OECD defined and industry tested approaches, SaferSkin™ assesses input data and assigns a sensitisation category and the level of confidence in the prediction.
Bring the state-of-the-art science to your workflows for the entire discovery funnel.
SaferSkin™ is an effective way to predict skin sensitisation from early discovery and development through regulatory review and registration.
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